INS Ecosystem announces Partnership with PostNL — Netherlands Largest Fulfillment Operator

INS Ecosystem gears up for Dutch Roll out. We are delighted to announce this partnership with PostNL, the leading e-commerce logistics provider in the Netherlands, who will be distributing the goods sold on INS Ecosystem. PostNL will thus endorse INS Ecosystem 2018 major roll out into the Netherlands. The Dutch grocery market turnover amounts to €35.7 billion.

“ In order to revolutionize the direct-to- consumer interaction and make it the first option model for manufacturers globally, we need to ensure that goods reach their intended destinations, managing the supply chain as accurately and efficiently as possible. PostNL is constantly improving its excellence with the delivery of on average 675,000 parcels and 8 million letters on weekdays throughout the Benelux. We are admiring the partnership with such an outstanding organization, looking forward to the launch date”

— Peter Fedchenkov, Co-founder of INS Ecosystem

A great announcement deserves a great video. Please view our partnership announcement video as featured at Retail Week Live 2018

About PostNL:

Postal and logistic solutions provider, PostNL is the link between the physical and the online world as it facilitates the communication between consumers and companies. PostNL delivers parcels seven days a week and letters five days a week. The organization offers more and more new services through the combination of smart networks, digital applications and the right communications channels. As the first listed postal company, it has the largest and most modern network for letters, parcels and e-commerce in the Benelux countries. PostNL aims to become thé food logistics provider in the Benelux. The company employs a total of 44,000 people.

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